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Entry #1

Morgan Freeman.

2008-08-05 13:14:24 by SwirlberryClock

Get well buddy!


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2008-08-05 13:24:01

God, please help god! =(

SwirlberryClock responds:

You cannot kill Morgan Freeman! HA HA HA


2009-02-28 23:04:03

Fuck your mom.
Fuck your dad.
Fuck your brother.
Fuck your sister.
Fuck you.
Fuck the clock crew.
Fuck your flash submissions.
Fuck your birth.
Fuck your face.
Fuck your clothes.

SwirlberryClock responds:

Hahaha, look at you. 99? Was that the year you were born in? Thats funny. You see, I clicked you account, to learn a little about you. I see you have stick movies and a dragon ball z movie as your favorites. You know what that tells me? It tells me you are the biggest fucking loser I've ever seen. How's your school life? I bet your that fat kid that one socially ackward kid that nobody likes. Maybe you've got a friend, but he's got a moustache, and he's as big of a loser as you are. Did you know, that you will never, ever be liked by anybody? Do you know why? Because you like dragonball z and madness. You go up to random people on the internet to tell them their movies suck because they are part of a flash group. Hmm, you certainly must be really cool. Maybe you can get all one of your socially ackward friends to come and lynch me. Oh wait, I could kick your nerd ass from here to brown town. So why don't you shut the fuck up, and go blog about this little encounter on your fucking myspace you peice of shit nerd turd mothing fucking inbred loser.


2009-08-22 20:03:16

you tell him. what an as*hole


2012-03-03 18:05:54

i have seen both your comments, and your flashes, and i hereby say that:
you rock, mr. swirlberry-clock.

-bb, a clock.